Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Thomas the Man, and his Context

Today, we heard about different biographies of Thomas Aquinas.  We then began to speak about the medieval scholastic movement and its major figures. 

To my students, what do you take away from class today?

TA was a sturdy Midwest farm boy who was a brisk walker.  He also sought to make the faith clear for the common man. #FastWalkerSlowTalker

Aquinas was a teacher of teachers.

I was impressed with Aquinas' relationship with his family, they forbade him from joining the Order, yet after his entrance he maintained those relationships. Humility. -Br. Joseph Paul

I thought the synthesis of medieval thought and the influences of a veriety of strands on Aquinas was very helpful to my understanding. Edward Huff

Aquinas appeared to be a man of deep concentration and purpose in all things. 

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