Thursday, April 10, 2014

Obedience, Vows, and Preaching

Today we read an excerpt from De Perfectione and Thomas' sermon Exiit qui seminat.

In the De Perfectione Thomas asks the question of whether or not doing good actions because of a vow is more perfect than doing so outside of the vow. Interestingly he believes that the vows, especially the vow of obedience, helps to perfect the will:

"Many people fulfill their vows with such eagerness that if they had not made a vow they would readily not only perform the deed itself but also make a vow to do it." - De Perfectione

- Br. Brent

St. Thomas was always concerned in his sermons and his writings to promote the mission of the Order of Preachers within the Church, believing that all Dominicans had a role to play, no matter their perfections or even weaknesses: old age, moral imperfections, etc.

- Br. Brian

Christ is the sower of the seeds, and the seeds bring us back to Christ.
-Br. Ambrose

Vows are a freedom from our original sin to move towards God. We cannot be completely free from original sin but as a vow moves us towards God, we move in freedom over the bondage of sin.

-Br. David

As sowers of the seed, preachers and teachers of the Word of God, two thing we must be grounded in are prayer and contemplation.

-Br. Lorenzo and Br. Nicholas

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