Thursday, April 24, 2014

It is important to remember that not everything that somebody says should be accepted as truth for face value.  Some may be surprised to learn that Aquinas did not accept the Immaculate Conception, or the virginity of Mary, and her marriage to Joseph was a true marriage.  (see Jean-Pierre Torrell, O.P. .Saint Thomas Aquinas: The Person and His Work, Vol 1. (2005) 262.)
-Ambrose Lowman, O.P.

The Tertia Pars after the time of its completion was produced as a separate volume in France entitled Life of Jesus which became a popular devotional.
 -Br. Lorenzo

Thomas' work on the Psalms speaks to one of the incredible truths of the psalter:
Everything that bears on the end of the Incarnation is expressed in this book in so clear a way that one might believe oneself face to face with the Gospel, not with prophecy ... This plenitude is the reason why the Church returns ceaselessly to the Psalter, for it contains all Scripture. - Prooemum in Psalm
I find this to be especially true in my life as a Dominican Friar!
Br. Brent

St. Thomas was able as a Scriptural theologian to keenly discern the inner-workings of the Holy Spirit in the writing of the Sacred Scriptures. This was due to his intimate connection to Christ, something that is absolutely necessary for bearing fruit as a theologian in medio Ecclesiae.

- Br. Brian -

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