Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thomas was an ardent defender of the mendicant orders (namely the Dominicans and Franciscans) at the University of Paris. Thomas defends the mendicants against attacks by William of Saint-Amour by attesting to the perfection of those who study as their primary "work":

The contemplative life is better than the active life that solely concerns itself with bodily necessities; but the active life that consists in passing on to others through preaching and teaching truths that have been contemplated is more perfect than the solely contemplative life, for it presupposes a plenitude of contemplation. This is why Christ chose a life of this type.

-Br. Brent Bowen, O.P.-

From Aquinas's Commentary on the Metaphysics, Bk. 3, Lesson 1:

"...if you are going to be a philosopher, you have to listen to all the thinkers with their opposing positions in order to have more resources for making a good judgment."

-Br. Lorenzo Laorden, O.P.-

Thomas Aquinas wrote the Summa contra Gentiles at the behest of his brother, Raymond of Penyafort. There are four books. The first book is on the existence of God. The second book is on the creative acts of God and its effects. The third book is the providence of God. The last book is on the Trinity and the work of salvation

-Br. Nicholas, O.P.

Those who fought against holy study were choosing Martha over Mary.

- Br. Ambrose, Br. Luke, and Br. David -

St. Thomas teaches us that we must stand-by what we value most in charity but with firmness, looking to the wisdom of the Scriptures and the Tradition of the Church to understand how we can and must legitimately innovate for the sake of bringing the Gospel to the contemporary world.

- Br. Brian John Zuelke, OP -

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