Thursday, February 13, 2014

Magister in Sacra Pagina

We've recounted the education of Thomas Aquinas to his inception as a Master at the University of Paris.  Here are our thoughts for this week:

It is often easy for us to separate Thomas' thought from his life as a Dominican Friar. Thomas is immersed in the spirituality of the Order of Preachers, that is to contemplate and to give the fruits of contemplation to others:
"There are some who experience in the contemplation of God such delight that they are unwilling to let go of it, even for the service of God in the salvation of their brothers and sisters." - Quaestio disuptata de caritate, art 11, resp 6.

- Br. Brent -

"The love which God loves us, is in each of us, therefore we can love others in the same way God loves us.

-Br. David-

M-D Chenu on contemplation: "Contemplation is an act of life lived with God in faith, that is, of divine life, as we participate in the theological virtues of faith, hope, and love."

-Br. Lorenzo-

There are seven conditions which make a good prayer. They are as follows: We should ask for spiritual things; we should perservere; we should pray in harmony; our prayer should be made with humility; our prayer should be made with affection; pray when the time is right and finally we should pray for ourselves.


"St. Thomas' later works clearly developed from his engagement with other works during his intellectual formation and his time as a lecturer. Thus, one must read his various works as a progression of thought and not as if all of his thinking developed ex nihilo."

- Br. Brian -

“Thus God’s Goodness has not remained enclosed within itself but has flowed out into others.” (from Thomas Aquinas Commentary of the Divine Names)
- Brs. David, Luke, Ambrose  -

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